Unit 5 quiz chap. 8 and 15 bond xyz and bond abc both pay annual

Bond XYZ and bond ABC both pay annual coupons, mature in seven years, have a face value of $1,000, and have the same yield-to-maturity. Bond XYZ has a coupon rate of 8.5 percent and is priced at $1,035.09. Bond ABC has a coupon rate of 6.4 percent. What is the price of bond ABC?XYZABC  Coupons8564  Period77  FV10001000  YTM    Price1035.09             Six years ago, Allen Corporation issued bonds that pay annual coupons, have a face value of $1,000, have an annual coupon rate of 8.6 percent, and are scheduled to mature in four years. One year ago, you bought one of those bonds for $998. The bond just paid a coupon. If the percentage return on your bond was 4.6 percent over the past year, what is the price of the bond today?              Today, a bond has a coupon rate of 10.8 percent, par value of $1000, 13 years until maturity, YTM of 9.6 percent, and semiannual coupons with the next one due in six months. One year ago, the price of the bond was $1,075. What is the current yield of the bond today?         Microhard has issued a bond with the following characteristics:    Par: $1,000    Time to maturity:  15 years    Coupon rate:  11 percent    Semiannual payments         Calculate the price of this bond if the YTM is (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your final answersto 2 decimal places. (e.g., 32.16)):            Price of the Bond  a.11 percent  b.13 percent  c.9 percent       Stone Sour Corp issued 20 year bonds 2 years ago at a 7.1% coupon rate.  The bonds make semi-annual paymentsIf these bonds sell for 105% par value, what is the YTM?  Work must be shown as a formula.     Settlement Date1/1/2000   Maturity Date1/1/2018   Annual Coupon Rate7.10%   Coupons/year2   Face value (%of Par)100   Bond Price (% of Par)105                  Rhiannon Corp. has bonds on the market with 15.5 years to maturity.  The YTM is 6.2%,  current price is $1039.00.  The bonds make semi annual payments.      What is the coupon rate?              A Japanese company has a bond outstanding that sells for 96% of it’s 100,000 yen par value.The bond has a coupon rate of 6.3% paid annually and matures in 19 years/  What is the YTM of this bond?              An investment offers a 12% total return over the coming year. An investor thinks the total real return will only be 8%.  What does the investor think the inflation rate will be over the next year?              

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