Communicating With The Public

Question Description


From the Assignment Page:

For this assignment, imagine you are the Police Chief in your town. You are attempting to make your community aware of a criminal justice policy that you think is important. Select a criminal justice policy that you would like to communicate to your town. Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint that you could present, informing the community of the policy you selected. Then consider how the policy might be beneficial for your specific community.

Make sure your topic is a policy. For instance, presenting about the recent shooting of unarmed men and boys of color by police officers is not a policy. What a police department decides to do to decrease the likelihood of such shootings (a new police training about deescalation) or have a better account of what has occurred (body cameras) are the policies.

Additionally, when choosing a policy, make sure it’s one you understand. If you need to do research to understand it better, consider spending the time to do the research. While the topic you choose for this assignment does not HAVE to be the topic you use all term, if it is, you will find your final project easier to put together.

To prepare:

Review for Tips PLEASE review this page for tips!!!

  • Research and find a criminal justice policy that you would like to communicate to your town. You’ll use this policy to look at several projects that are interrelated throughout the course.
  • Consider how you might inform the community of the policy you selected.
  • Consider how your selected policy might be beneficial for your specific community.

Submit this PowerPoint to the Week 2 Assignment submission area by Day 7 of this week.

The Assignment

Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation of you conveying a policy message to the public.

Include in your message:

  • A description of the criminal justice policy you selected
  • An explanation of what you hope to achieve by informing your community about the policy you selected (explain, teach, or convey).
  • An explanation of how the policy might be beneficial for your community.


Below is what I will put in your Comments section of Grade Book next week.

Only the highlighted areas are areas you need to concentrate on for the final project. If it is not highlighted, then you met that expectation, great job

Rubric for Presentation – Week 2



Received Points

Possible Points

Instructor Feedback


PowerPoint Slide Organization and Presentation

Introduction and Summary

The presentation provides a clear, engaging introduction and a summary with key points the viewer should take away from the presentation.

Answered the questions:
* A description of the criminal justice policy you selected
* An explanation of what you hope to achieve by informing your community about the policy you selected (explain, teach, or convey).
* An explanation of how the policy might be beneficial for your community.

* APA Citations and References



Presentation Style

Slides are properly organized in an appropriate easy-to-follow order. Transitions between slides are clear and move easily from point to point.

The presentation slides are clear, legible, use a consistent professional theme, and include appropriate language and content for the audience.

* Read from left to right

* No sentences – short phrases, key words

* Less is more – 6 bullet points, 6 words

* Simple colors

* Fonts: Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana
* 30 pt Font

* Avoid Over styling

* Consider using the Template provided in Week 2’s Resources


Visual Elements

The presentation makes use of graphics and charts to illustrate key points and support the presentation.

* Use of the Notes in PPT, see Week 2’s Resources

* Remember to include an introduction in your PPT. You are the Chief of police. So, the title slide should include the Name of the policy and your name. In the Notes section you should include a bio. What you would say to the audience about you, who you are and why you are there.

* Each slide should have enough information in the notes to justify the slide. In other words, you aren’t going to bring the slide up and stand there and say nothing. Give it reason


Grammar and Spelling

The PowerPoint presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.


Presentation Length

The presentation includes 10-15 slides




Additional Instructions and Expectations

Please remember to use the Notes Section in PPT. The actual PPT should not include every word or bit of information you are going to present. Instead, it should highlight the points. Since this assignment is no longer a video presentation, if you create the PPT correctly, the only way I will know what you are presenting about is by what is included in the notes section. While the PPTs contain key words, the Notes on each slide should include complete sentences.


  • Presentation – 10 – 15 slides
  • Slide 1: Title of Policy
    • In the notes section you should include information about yourself and the policy.
  • Slides 2 through Slide 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14
    • Make sure your presentation specifically answers the questions asked in the assignment. Do not skimp here and just try to meet the minimum. The more engaging your Power Point is, the better, the more information in the Notes, the better. REMEMBER, so not include all of this information in the PPT slides. Instead, brief statements or key words in the slides and clear descriptions in the Notes Section.
      • A description of the criminal justice policy you selected. – this may include a history of the policy, but must include a clear explanation of the policy, how it will be implemented.
      • An explanation of what you hope to achieve by informing your community about the policy you selected (explain, teach, or convey). – this needs to include the goals of the policy, what do you hope to achieve. when, who will keep track of the successes.
      • An explanation of how the policy might be beneficial for your community – why, do not wait until the end to discuss why. The community will want to know why the policy is being implemented. Give them the information they need. Think how you would feel if your police chief was presetting this information. Make sure you answer the questions you would have and calm the audience instead of causing concern.
  • Final Slide: A reference page with APA references.

Use the below webpages to improve your presentation.……


Remember, this is the first assignment towards the completion of your Final Project. For your Final Project you will be submitting a revised presentation from week 2. Please use the comments below to improve on your presentation for the final project.

Please note that submitting the exact same presentation for your final project will not result in the same percentage of points this assignment achieved towards the final project. The Final Project asked for a revision, thus please use the comments below to improve on your presentation for the resubmission in the Final Project.

I know this announcement is super long. I’ve tried to be specific and clear with the expectations so you can earn the best possible grade. If you are confused, please, please do not hesitate to gent i touch with me.


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